News from PUPPY TOWN

puppyPicDay care for puppies:

Puppies that stay home alone without additional stimulation will not develop the necessary life skills to be well mannered and socialized dogs. Thus a day care centre is a must to prevent problems that can develop later in their life. A puppy that stays alone during the day can be very destructive.

More about your puppy's development:

Weeks 8 to 11 - Fear Impact Period. Any traumatic, painful, or frightening experience will have a more lasting impact on your puppy than if it happened at any other time. It is the puppy’s perception of the experience that is important here. That is where I come in. I will introduce your puppy to other well socialized dogs, different sounds and smells. I take the puppies on weekly outings. For example trips to vets to get weighed, the dam in Vierlanden, Stodels, etc.

Weeks 13 to 16 – Seniority Classification period, also known as the Age of Cutting because of the cutting of teeth and cutting the apron strings, a young dog will attempt to clarify and resolve the questions of leadership. I give the puppies structure, in the form of alone time, training time, etc.